About Us

Bessie’s Child Care is a family owned business that has been serving Augusta Georgia for over ten years. During this time, we have cared for more than a thousand children, and we look forward to serving the Augusta community for many years to come. Bessie’s Child Care is an old fashioned name, providing old fashioned care for the families that we serve.

Until the past few decades, most children were cared for by family members and/or individuals in the neighborhood. This has changed because currently many parents do not live close to family members, and most people do not have close relationships with their neighbors. This is unfortunate; but resulted in an explosion of child care and daycare facilities to care for children.

However, all child care and daycare centers are not equal in quality. We at Bessie's Child Care understand that the most important part of a parent’s life is his or her child, and we care for the children entrusted to us like a loving family member or trusted neighbor would from back in the day. We care for the children as if the children are our own.

To this end, we operate our child care facility in a manner that we would desire for our own children: We have video cameras installed in every room and at designated areas around our buildings and our staff members monitor these cameras during working hours to insure the safety of all the children at our child care facility.

In addition, we have computerized time clocks, at designated building entrances, for parents to enter an assigned code to electronically mark the time children are dropped off and picked up from our facility.

Furthermore, all daily activities related to our child care operations are computerized and readily available for our staff to help them to efficiently perform their job responsibilities. The vans that we use for transporting children to and from our child care facility are inspected yearly by a certified inspector and the drivers for our vans are required to participate in a defensive driving course before they can transport children at our facility.

All teachers at our facility must meet the child care standards set forth by “Bright From The Start” before they can begin employment at Bessie’s Child Care. Also, all meals that we prepare for the children at our facility meet the guidelines set by the US Department of Agriculture Food And Nutrition Service. Bessie’s Child Care is a special place where we care for children as if they were our very own.

Nothing is more important then the well-being, nurturing and development of a child and we strive to insure that all the children placed in our trust surpass the expectations placed on them by their parents.